Why in Vegas I try to only bet at CET sportsbooks!

In Vegas there are so many sportsbooks that choosing one to play at can be daunting. Personally I prefer Caesar Entertainment Properties. I used to only prefer one in particualr (Bally's Sportsbook) but now that has grown to the majority of their properties. Bally's has a huge sportsbook with lots of clerks working the sportsbook, lots of screens, and lots of seating. It also helps that I am friends with one of the bartenders in that sports book.

Now if you want comfort, Paris and Planet Hollywood has comfortable seating. These two sportsbook are smaller than Bally's and both are right on the casino floor, so they can get kind of noisy with the casino action. Bally's is not on the casino floor and you do not have all the distraction tat comes from people gambling at the tables or the monotonous noise of the slot machines. Planet Hollywood can accomodate up to 4 clerks (I believe, might be less (only ever saw 2 working and seemed crowded)), Paris can accomodate about 5-10 (again not exact number), and Bally's can accomodate close to 10-15 I believe (could be more). At any CET's sportsbook it is important that you ask for a drink ticket when you bet. I spoke with one of the clerks about this, and she told me that most people do not ask for them because they do not know to ask for them. There are minimums of about $50 for sports (this can be divided up amongst several bets, just have to be placed at the same time) and about $5-$10 for horses. The key in the drink ticket game is to make sure you find a friendly clerk and try to go to the same one over and over, eventually they will give you more tickets than they usually would to someone they have not seen up there before. Another thing this clerk told me, it never hurts to ask for more tickets; if you placed a couple hundred dollar bet or have been betting there all day and all you have received was a couple tickets, they may give you more if you are nice about it.

Now I feel like I have been rambling and have gotten away from one of the main reasons and most important reasons why I try to only play at CET's Sportsbooks and that is they will rate you if you use your players card. They are one of the few if not the only casino in Vegas that will rate your players card in the sportsbook, granted it won't be to the same scale as playing the tables or machines, but every little bit helps; especially when it comes to being offered free rooms and other comps.

Now, I know some people do not like being tracked at all when placing sports bet; I am one of them. However, it can be very beneficial to have your players card associated with your betting slips. Let's say you were to make a sizable bet on a given team and you misplaced your ticket or it was stolen. This can be one of the worst feelings, especially if that ticket wins. Most people do not realize that you do have options at this point.

I am sure you can do this at the other sportsbooks, but it will be a lot harder, since you do not have your players card number attached to your ticket. If you are still in Vegas you should immediately go to the sportsbook, if not you can call the sportsbook (best way is to call the casino directly, explain the situation, and ask if they can connect you to the sportsbook). Then explain your situation and tell them you used your players card when you purchased the ticket. They will look up your players card and verify some information and they should be able to find your betting ticket number that way. If it is still in the system, that means it has not been cashed (which is the best thing). They can lock the ticket so that noone can cash it and complete a lost ticket form. Once this is done it may take about 45 days for them to mail you a check; 45 days beats not getting paid at all.

If you did not have a player's card attached then they still might do this process for you if a) you have your ticket number or b) you remember the date, time, and teller you purchased it at. This process will probably take longer and there are no guarantees they will be able to find the ticket number.

Ultimately, I feel CET's sportsbooks cater to my personality, style of betting, and my ability to lose things :rofl:.


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Good read. Ill keep that in mind the next time I go to Vegas. I was thinking about going for New Year's Day bowl games this year but I'm afraid the GF wouldn't want to sit in a book all day haha. She's a trooper watching games with me all the time, but I'm not sure she's want to fly to watch sports