Who are the best answerers and funniest trolls in the baseball section?

Give me your opinions please.The trolls may annoy you,but some are still damn funny,and who would you go on this site to give you a good baseball answer.
Update: Lonesome Rhodes i notice is a cubs hater all he does is answer without thinking before hand but thats what makes him like you said sometimes comical.
Update 2: Lonesome Rhodes ,aren't all these discussions pointless?Anyway, you made me smile with that answer and i do agree with you about the Big Best Answers about how they post from Wiki.I take back my comment about you being a Cub Hater and I'm sorry. Shein Reviews
Update 3: And this question was posted just so i can hear peoples opinions on This baseball section.I want to know what there thinking and what do they like and don't like.Thats all.
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