What the hell


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Added up where I stood in this thread. This is for before todays games. I will come back and tally up ytd after todays games are done

4-8-1 and -6.10 units


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Five plays right now. Still waiting on a couple of lines so there may be another one. First 5 innings as always

Seattle ml -190

Oakland ml -145

San Fran ml +150

Colorado -1/2 -130

Milwaukee -1/2 -160


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Five games today. First 5 innings only as always. All 5 will be money line

Houston Gm 1 -290

Pitt -140

Tampa -260

Milwaukee -265

Colorado -135


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Bad day yesterday. After going back through my daily records for this year it looks like it started to struggle right after the start of September when all of the call ups occur. Don't get me wrong, there were still some good days. It just seems things 'flattened out' at that time and the record you see here for the posted plays is pretty indicative of the whole month. Next year 9/1 will be my cut off date for this. May or not be a play today

yesterday 1-2-2 and -1.75 units

ytd 15-15-5 and -3.60 units