Welcome Back to Cappers Island

Cappers island started nearly a decade ago in 2007 as Country Club Cappers. A small group of sports betting enthusiasts including myself decided that the big corporate forums were not for us. We wanted to create an environment that was educational, fun, welcoming, and most of all profitable. We wanted a place where folks could post picks, discuss life, and enjoy the company of like minded folks without the fear of being bashed or treated poorly. We wanted really great handicappers to join us and they certainly did. Over the years the original Country Club Cappers has involved into the place that you all fondly know as Cappers Island. Many of the original members from CCC are still with us today.

I understand that Cappers Island has been desolate for quite some time and for that I apologize. There were a lot of changes in life that prevented me from keeping this site up and running. With that being said we are bringing Cappers Island back and it is going to be better than ever.

I sincerely hope that all of our loyal and new members alike find the value in this site that so many have over the years. We are going to strive to make Cappers Island the best handicapping forum on the internet. We know that have some of the best handicappers around and now we are going to get the Island back into Super Bowl form!

Cheers to a fun and profitable 2016!!! :cheers1:

Very well said JC!

Personally, I am really pleased that you/we are trying to get this site relevant again. I really enjoy the communication and insights from other members. Each Sat and Sun I look forward to getting online and seeing what you all think about the upcoming games.

I joined in 2010 and still enjoy the site. I really feel comfortable ...

with that being said ... lets gooooo!!

Thanks for the feedback guys!

With the help of all of you we can definitely get things back to the good ole days. Please feel free to tell the other guys we are up and running again if you still talk to them.



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JC - Come time I will be happy to sponsor and run another College Hoops contest like I did a couple of years back. Check that forum and look at the thread that is pinned for reference