Vic's 2016 Soccer


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Starting tomorrow I am going to see if I can find some good soccer plays to post. See how it goes for a week or two. All plays will be from Heritage and for 1 unit


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2 games so far - both in the Iceland 1. Deild - both start at 9 am Central - I am listing the rotation number in front of the play as well - both games are on the spread

116101 Fram Reykjavik pk/+1/2 -115

116105 Haukar -1/2 -115

May have a couple of more later on


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Adding on 3 more plays, all from the Russian League. For some reason they are listed under 'Other European League' at Heritage. They begin at 10 am central

151220 Fakel under 2.5 -132

151228 Kuhimki under 2/2.5 -115

151232 Spartak Moscow 2 under 2/2.5 -110
The second play should read Khimki


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Won with Khimki and Fakel. Won half of the Spartak Moscow 2 and pushed with the other half

Russian League

+2.5 units

Iceland League

-2.3 units


+.20 units

Not great but a profit is a profit !!


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Definitely will have at least a couple of plays tomorrow, however, if they are really early games I may be posting them tonight


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Croatia 1 HNL

99357 Dinamo Zagreb spread -1.5 -130

Finland YKK

108113 Ekenas spread pk +103
also playing this game over 3 -120

108105 AC Oulu spread -1/2 +116
Forgot to mention that the Croatia game starts at Noon Central time and the Finland games start at 10:30 am Central


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Adding one play. Starts at 2 pm Central

Brazil Serie A

95433 Corinthians SP spread -1/2, -1 -120
2-0-1 and + 2.22 units for the early games

Looking for Zagreb to dominate the second half