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Haha that's why I asked without giving my opinion first lol.

Anyway, this might be the most complicated issue of the year because there are so many factors.

1 - Race. It's hard to say this wasn't about race, but at the same time, it's hard to argue that it was. Would Zimmerman have shot a white kid? I don't know. Would the jury have acquitted Zimmerman if he was black? I don't know. We can't know because ABC doctored the phone call making him seem racist but on the real one he didn't.

2 - The Media. The United States' Mainstream Media might be responsible for more havoc and pandemonium than any other single body in the world. They ruin people's lives to get a better story and it's starting to drive me nuts.

3 - Politics. Criminal Law and Legislatures need to be kept separately. You can't lobby to change a law just because something you don't like happens, and it's kind of bullshit that the president of a country speaks out against someone before their trial. That's the definition of "not a fair trial" to me.

4 - Why does no one report about the 500 other kids that get murdered every year? It really bothers me that they spend so much time on one and don't so much as read the names of all the rest. Just because someone from one race shot someone from another race doesn't make it a hate crime. Again, the media is perpetuating racism in this country by trying to get everyone all riled up ONLY when the victim and the accused are from different races. Where's the big public outcry to arrest the shooter in all the other child shootings? They weren't white so no one cares, which is bullshit.

This case is a tragedy because a 17 year old is dead, but it also exposed a lot of problems with this country in the process.


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I agree with everything you said there.

The media does there best to perpetuate racism because it sells news and makes them money.
I didn't follow this case very much, mostly because the media had already convicted the man and everyone suddenly thinks they're lawyers when passing judgement. But the little bit I got out of it was that there just were not concrete facts one way or the other to convict him.

I mean Trayvon's father had to listen to that audio countless times before he could say that yes it was his son..that puts doubt into the jurors. The media from the very start had "picked" sides in putting out old photos of Trayvon when he was younger to make the public sympathize. President Obama (who let's face it has far more important issues...dealing with the Aurora shooter's conviction, Newtown, and making sure the one survivor of the Boston Marathon bombers gets convicted) yet he came out and basically sided with the young child as well before the trial even began.

Things like this happen everyday in cities all over the country and we never hear about it, until the media machine wants to turn 1 case into a circus and it's just really disappointing.
On a somewhat related note....has anyone been following the stuff going on with dzhokhar tsarnaev, the younger surviving marathon bomber? It was trending on Twitter last week of people wanting him to be freed....somewhat similar to this in that because people think he's being unfairly treated and he's just an innocent child.

I can't believe people living here could really want him freed after seeing pictures of the aftermath in Boston.


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Mutiny - There's no way he gets acquitted. He pled not guilty to all 34 counts (I think it was 34, I don't remember for sure) and he's most likely going to plead mental disease or defect and claim that he was just so mesmerized by his brother's orders that he wasn't in control, which means he didn't have the requisite mens rea to be guilty. It's a crock of shit, but it works sometimes. I can't see a jury of Bostonians buying it though.