Teddy June's Saturday HBO PPV: Chavez/Martinez

20* Sergio Martinez -199

If your looking for some thoughts I recorded a podcast earlier this week, http://www.ringjunkiesboxing.com . I think the preview for this fight starts around the 37 minute mark.

gl fellas.


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I just read about the scare in the 12th. WOW. Glad I wasnt watching. Got a text it was a winner after he almost got knocked out. Whew.

yeah man I was :bite: lol.

Sergio completely dominated rounds 1-11 or so. He wanted to prove something, he wanted to stop Chavez and he really pushed it in the late rounds giving Chavez an opportunity to come back. Then in the 12th Martinez got caught and hurt bad and went down, I thought it was over, didn't think Sergio would be able to survive the round. The crazy part is not only did he survive the round but he did so by fighting back instead of holding or getting on the bike and getting out of trouble. Crazy night.