Teddy June's Saturday HBO Boxing


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tron1979 said:
You still going to cap the occassional boxing?

Any thoughts on the Saturday fight?

Yeah I will. Boxing is easy with there being no daily grind. My mini-retirement is mostly based on time consumption. Much of my success over the years is based on the fact I spend way too much time watching games, reading articles, studying stats, etc. Just need the time to focus on other things for a while, give it a full break, so that when I finally do come back I come back betting as big as I use to back in the day and with more dedication lol.

At any rate, I was talking briefly with one of boys earlier who's coming over for the fight tonight and saying I'm pretty torn. That being said if I was forced right now, I think I can make a pretty good argument for a JMM bet. My belief is Pacman doesn't want to fight anymore, he still fights for fans and certainly the money but deep down I think he's been done emotionally and physically for a while. We hear all the excuses about distractions and why his recent fights have been iffy but to me I don't think he's willing to put it all on the line as he once was and I don't think he's the same fighter physically as he once was. His fighting style is not conducive to the mentality. He's not a good enough "boxer" to not want to put it all on the line. He's been able to just get by of late on speed and namesake.

Meanwhile this is everything for JMM who in recent years since getting together with Heredia has looked pretty damn good physically (kinda sketchy) for his age. I thought he controlled and won the 3rd fight, frankly I think he's won all 3 fights. He knows Pac better than anyone, he has uncanny ability to time and place punches against Pac. The biggest key for me is if you really believe Pacman is kinda done physically and emotionally. Doesn't train as hard as he use to, uses time for other things, not as dedicated, doesn't want to die in the ring, etc. Then it comes down I'll take the guy who wants it more and the best older boxers are the ones who are true sweet science experts. JMM is one of those, he's smarter than pac in the ring, he's better at making adjustments and he's more skilled from a technical standpoint and now physically he seems to have really found ways to keep his body in tip top shape for his age.

The only thing keeping me leery here is the boxing politics, Pac loses this fight he may retire and it would ruin the Mayweather fight. Also there's some small part of me thinking we could finally see a rededicated Manny Pacquiao show up in full force, making for another really close fight and then were at the hands of boxing judges which is always fun.

those are my rambling thoughts, :cheers: