Teddy June's Saturday 10/15 Boxing

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Yeah so uhhhh winner lol....I'll cash my ticket. I feel bad for Chad who I really thought would show up big and dominate this fight, prove critics wrong. Looked good in round 1, hopkins appeared uncomfortable but chad didnt get a chance to showcase himself like I thought he would. Hopkins never wanted this fight he was forced to take it because of a rematch contract with pascal and to me hopkins found a way out of fight with an academy award winning performance.
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The short and sweet. Bhop tried to tie up with chad and push him down and chad pushed up and out and bhop went flying, landed awkwardly and injured his shoulder, couldn't continue. Ref awarded chad a TKO win.
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so are the books going to take our cash away with this...? :bite:
guess not... that's crazy though. boxing always has some weird shit happen.
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I mean I think every book has already paid this out so even if the CSAC decides to change it to a NC (they r suppose to meet on Dec 16th i believe) i don't think the books will go back and reverse the decision way too much of a mess to do so.
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Jawnny Cash said:
Locals wont take it back but i won't be surprised to see online books try to take it back
But your talking a month and half from now. I just think thy would run into issues with guys who cashed out or dont have the funds to cover it. And you can't have only some guys pay it back and not others ya know?
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Just a follow up to this bet. All online books are going with the initial ruling regardless of any reversals so this won't be changed. :cheers:

Probably going to get down on a fight this weekend, working on the particulars on how I want to play it, I'll post later tonight or tomorrow.


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Hey TJ.. Two interesting fights on Saturday night. Both are rematches that had controversial encounters in their first bouts. Any opinions on Cotto/Margarito or Mares/Agbeko? :popcorn::luck: