Jawnny Cash

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Holy cow .. It's like seeing a ghost !

Where have you Been dude i tried to text you a few times over the last 6 months

Nice to see you back franky

:dancing: :cheers1:
Lol, no...just had a lot of shit goin on...head is clear now. I'm here for good. I love you guys and everyone's insight. Jawn I'll hit you up in pm, I changed my phone number.
really nice to see you Frank .... I ( as do others) rely on your input and hopefully provide you with value as well.

Really happy to see you. I am back after a year well - with a clear head and motivation.



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For any new guys that don't know Frank ...He is one of the best cappers on the site along with Jawnny ,TJ,Eazzy ,cenger and many other. To many to list ...I think this is one of the best sites around for solid cappers .
Welcome back Frank !!