Somtimes you gotta keep it Gully

I didn't get any of the spurs plays in. I never got a chance to put them in before class tonight. I only got Milwaukee and Miami in. Looking like a split on those two. I would have split the Spurs plays as well, winning the spurs line and losing the total at 190 (assuming that is where I would have gotten it). I'll post the Spurs and the total play to my record though seeing as how I posted them. Just for record keeping sake. 2-2 on the night.

ill_B_quiet said:
seriously man, what fuels the fire is a person like you who is offended by everything i never gives me a chance to do any good, or make peace with anyone...i would like to apologize for what ever it is i did to you in the past, but please LET IT GOOOOO!

again, golly i will stay clear of you and not poke you, as honest as i can be, no sarcasim you are valued here and like i said before, it would be a major loss if you stopped posting. water under teh bridge, look foward to your plays and insight back in general population.

It's all good man. If you can pop in and still say those kinds of words, after me being such an asshole, then it is definitely time to move on. It's hard to weed out the idiots sometimes, like an SPD for example. I think rehashing anything at this point would be counter-productive, so I'll just leave it there. I'm good man. Everything's straight.
Interesting. Well, for integrity's sake I am going to put it up as a loss. I posted it at 190, and I liked the play at 190, so I might as well give myself a loss.

Luckily, for my bankroll, I didn't get it at all. I tailed Slim on the 76ers over. I don't normally post when I tail though. I still had a winning day. I suppose if I knew 100 percent that I would have gotten that Spurs total at 189 or lower I would be a little upset. I will take the winning day none-the-less.

I just don't want to post that Spurs play as a winner, when my only reference to it was at 190. 2-2 for posted plays, and 2-1 in actual plays that affected my bankroll, is an OK night by me.

Add in the fact that I will be joining the Gen Pop again tomorrow, and it was a decent night. :thumbsup: