Ring Junkies EP 47

Check out Ring Junkies EP 47. In this jammed packed episode Teddy and I review Cintron/Alvarez and several other fights from the past two weeks. Also they preview Agbeko/Mares II, Rodriguez/Wolak II, Cotto/Margarito II and review recent news and notes.

Hey guys who sings the song in the begining of the pod cast. Im not a boxing guy but i enjoyed listening to the podcast very interesting to me, great job, and man teddy has a thick east coast accent lol


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Nice job fellas will continue to tune in. I'm rollin with you guys on this fight. Nice to hear both of y'all are in agreement..:cool:
Emilio Lopez does our intro and outro.

Funny observation on the accent, I never really noticed it. We all talk weird up here in New England. Glad you guys enjoyed the show. :thumbsup: