NCAA v. Christie


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Has anyone heard about this case?

Basically, there's a federal statute enacted in 1992 called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) which makes running a book illegal for states and individuals. 4 states were grandfathered in, but Nevada is the only one that can take single game bets.

New Jersey wanted to enact their own statute to allow it in Atlantic City to transform it into Vegas Jr, since sportsbetting is a 500 billion dollar a year industry, but the 5 leagues got an injunction and it's sitting in front of a federal appellate judge right now. This suit could be a game changer.
I've been saying for years that Mississippi should do what NJ is trying to do, if they wanted to keep Tunica the then #3 gaming spot in the country. Although, I don't know if I really want them to do that: a) I'd probably be down there all the time since Tunica is only 30-45 minutes away from my house and b) one less reason to go to Vegas lol.


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