Mert 2-23

Louisville +5
Louisville is a good team, but struggles closing out games, see FSU and obviously Duke. I believe Louisville will play good at home and either get the upset or lose another close heartbreaker.

LSU ML small play.

I'll be watching this game so I have to bet it. I think Tennessee was looking forward to this game and Vandy shook em a bit. LSU guard play will keep it close and get the win. Who wears short shorts?

Lean Texas +4.5 and Georgetown +6
Syracuse +5.5. Small play cuse ML

Confidence is so underated . Syracuse knows they can win and I think they will. So many bets aren't on cuse cus the boeheim news. I just don't think boehiem gives a shit about anything but basketball. Duke needs Zion, and is he playing? I'll take cuse baby. If it hits I'll post late plays. Good luck boys! Let's dial it in for the tourney
Cuse was in til the end which is what you're looking for. They just went super cold shooting at the end.

I'd be curious to know what your record would be if you bet dukes opponent in the first half, Duke for the second half, and Duke for the game.