Jawnny Cash Farewell

Jawnny Cash

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I've given it some considerable thought and I am not sure how much ill be posting or visiting the site this year. I dont seem to have the same time that I used to even though I wish I did. I am going to attempt to post my picks on twitter when I can @Jawncash for anybody that uses it.

I hope to keep in touch with you all as its been a fun ride and we've done it for a lot of years. Many of you know my e-mail is johnzags@gmail.com for anybody that wishes to keep in touch. Also if anybody wants to try to take this website over and turn it into something let me know... I am happy to help out I just can't run the ship and all of our members have found other homes.

Anyways, much love to all and i wish you all continued success in all of your endeavors.


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Well damn. The end of an era. Hate it but respect it. I just hit you up on Twitter. @bwhitehurst4. I wish you all the best and hope to stay in my touch friend.
Sorry to see - def end of an era. Ranger and all interested - we can create a group over at BETSPERTS This way we can track, follow each other and interact via twitter if the website goes? Just a thought
After CI went down for awhile I got involved with another forum, I know there are some here that are members of the other forum. I know the owner of the other forum is always looking for quality members that are respectful of others, just like we have had here. They have free contests to enter and in the past they do Vegas meetups. If it is ok to post the name here I will or people can reach me on twitter @ttr58 or direct message me.