Jawnny Cash College is Back!!

Welcome to the 2019 college football season yall! I am so excited that college football is finally upon up. Time to make some money and have some fun. The beginning of the year is always a little dicey so proceed with caution. My bets are always smaller for the first few weeks than normal.

This Miami Florida came is no easy game to pick tonight.. But with college ball being back we need to take our chances and see if we can put a few units in our pocket early. The Arizona Hawaii game should also be interesting ... Lets see how the early kick goes before we dial that in.

While there are a lot of unknowns for the Hurricanes coming into this season.. but I think with all of the emotion and a prolific defense.. The Canes keep it within the # if not steal an outright win this evening.

*2 Miami Hurricanes +7

Cheers to the resurgence of Cappers Island! A place where you can lounge on the beach and drink pain killers all day.. all at the expense of your bookie!
Ok Miami looking pretty solid.

Feeling like the underdogs aren’t going to be so lucky this evening .. going to throw a few units on

*2 Arizona -10.5
Thanks brothas.. I shouldn’t have taken Zona. It was purely an action play and I was so excited for football to be back. I didn’t really spend any time capping the game and for that I apologize. I’m only going to be posting games this year that I actually dedicate adequate time too and not the random action plays.

Onwards and upwards!