I've heard the Island was for football

Hello all,

I heard about your site mentioned in the covers forum. I heard that this place gets rather lively come football season. I've been an active participant on covers over the years, but really felt no need to contribute as the forum is generally filled with worthless posters. In other words, I'm in search of a lower volume site that has high quality contributors. I've heard good things about the Island and hope that I can add to the vibe during the upcoming football season.

Nice to meet you all..


I'll be playing NC STATE +3.5 -115 tonight.


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Nice to meet you too. Im in NCST as well. Im looking forward to seeing your posts. If you have any questions you can basically post them anywhere and someone will answer them. We have a pretty close unit over here, really friendly atmosphere, and a lot of winning seasons have been had here. Good luck man. (PS Marmol blows, my GF is a cubs fan and bitches about him all the time)


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yea, there are forums for pretty much every sport. It wouldn't make much sense to post a football play in the basketball thread, unless you don't want anyone to see it haha.

Are you from Chicago, or just like the cubs for some other reason?


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thats pretty cool. I'm from st louis so I don't like the cubs, but I like how its a friendly rivalry. I don't hate the cubs the way I hate the reds haha. cubs and cards fans can be cordial with each other and I like that. plus wrigley is a bad ass field.
Good morning friend, Welcome to the Island :cheers:

I hope this site will be more along the lines of what you are looking for. We've kept a pretty tight knit circle over the years and are always looking for new like minded members. You won't find any of the worthless posting going on here - as this website is pretty much 100% moderated by the forum members themselves. I think all of the old and new members take a great deal of pride in what we've built here and hopefully you will understand why. Welcome to the Island and please don't hesitate to reach out to me or any member if you have any questions, concerns, or input.

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don't be a tout or you gonna get the bout!!! lol...jk :) enjoy all the money we make here...most of us have beamers...cenger owns a ford
Who needs an overrated foreign car when you have 5 degrees? Not this guy