Hurricane Florence

Mr. Gus

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Although you can’t handicap surfing, I love pay attention to it and love to see someone get pitted.

I grew up vacationing in Wrightsville Beach, and I still try to go for a week every summer. I attended East Carolina and am a die hard Pirate fan. I wish everyone the best down there and everyone stays safe!

Here’s a couple shots of the epic swell that Wrightsville Beach received today:





Photos courtesy of Chandler Brock Hatch


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Great pics Gus. I'm from Virginia Beach. Own property in Hatteras and surfed east coast until I moved inland and got fat and old. Have family in wilmington who are just returning to their waterfront home. Most damage is from rain causing trees to topple with entire root ball. Not from wind snapping them in half. Some roads washed out, etc.