NOOM Diet Plan Despite the utility that can be given to the onion, due to the many nutrients it has, there are cases in which its use must be restricted. Some cases in which the onion should not be used are:
When you have a delicate stomach because they can accelerate stomach upsets.
When you are allergic to some of its components, since in this case it would have the opposite effect to the desired one.
When you suffer from reflux, gastritis, ulcer, heartburn or some kidney problem as it could worsen the situation.
When you have internal bleeding or you are on platelet antiplatelet treatments, the use of onions should be avoided. This is because the onion has anticoagulants, which would worsen the condition that is suffering.
Avoid excessive consumption of onions, as this bulb is an irritant and can cause burning. This is due to the high amount of sulfur it has.
When you suffer from any of the problems mentioned above, it is necessary to consult the doctor.