Hooked Up Sunday- A Few Plays

Montreal -175
Rangers -230
Blackhawks -300
Ducks -165

Mont, Rang, BHawks parlay +205
Rangers, BHawks, Ducks parlay +210
Mont, BHawks, Ducks parlay +230
Yes- they dont scare me. It all does eventually average down so I try to be picky

To me its no different that seeing Alabama ML vs. Tennessee at -300 you would jump all over that right?

I have never did the math... But would love to know if you bet all -300 lines all season... Would you be up or down... Or if you bet the +270 all season... would you be up or down
Prob right

I should probably post the units for my nhl plays. I know for a fact I am up good... But a 26-20-1 record could also spell disaster if they are all heavy lines