Darth Fader - Week 16

My capping has been up and down this year but I’ve just made a substantial investment towards my capping ability. I dont like to come into this forum to brag but I am the new owner of a Rumba 960. What’s this mean for my capping? Other handicappers are manually vacuuming. When do you manually vacuum? Sunday mornings, thats when. Depending on the size of homes, amount of pets and children, vacuuming can take up to 1.5 hours. I have two cats and three children, meaning an extra hour every Sunday morning to handicap games rather than vacuum. I estimate a quarter more winners per season bringing my avg up to the 75-80 percentile, making me one of the most effective handicappers in the industry, all thanks to the folks at iRobot. Today’s winners:

Carolina +3
Eagles -2.5

Good Luck!