Darth Fader - Week 1 College Kickoff Thread

Darth Fader Week 1 CFB

I hate the fact that summer is ending but it was nice being able to look at line movement during my daughters 1st grade orientation this afternoon. While most parents were asking stupid questions to sound involved i couldnt help but get lost in the fact that after I convince my wife that she needs sleep, I’ll be able to turn on the Big Love Classic, BYU vs Utah for a 10:15 kick.

PICKS - 8/29

UCLA +3.5
Cinnci and Fickell put it on the Bruins in LA last year but lets not forget, we said it before last years game, it takes about a year to adjust to Chip Kelly’s offense. I truly believe UCLA will look like a different team tonight and this year. LOVE this play

BYU +6.5
Phil Steele loves this Utah team but this is a massive rivalry. I’m going with the Cougars and taking the points but an outright win wouldn’t surprise me. Kids on BYU campus are getting crazy tonight, maybe they’ll even sneak some carbonated caffeine drinks, who knows?

What a terrible penalty by UCLA before the half after that incredible play.... momentum killer. Let’s hope the second half brings more luck!
1-3 start - Well into mid season form!

A few notes:
Brohm and Strong were terrible last night. Brohm was content and Strong was completely unprepared. Two coaches that I really like but I’m definitely taking a break from both and rescinding my class ring and letterman jackets from each.

That being said, time to put some hard cash on my new crush, the dreamy Mike Houston. Scottie Montgomery couldn’t coach to save his life but recruited well. Mike Houston is picking up a talented squad and heading into a matchup vs a depleted NC St Team. A tad worried, this pick seems to be a twitter favorite but liking ECU in a Mr Gus Special at +17.5

Last year I made a tactical mistake betting WASH against Auburn week 1. Auburn’s d line absolutely dominated Washington. Herbert is a baller but I’m rolling with the SEC defense today - Auburn -4 to roll.

I’ll be back with more but those are my early leans.