Darth Fader - 1/29 CBB

I’m jumping back into college basketball with a big time play tonight. I call this my Kevin Arnold / Winnie Cooper play. I feel like it should work out but can see it bombing since i feel that it’s too good to be true. Kentucky looks great and I feel like this is a great let down spot. They just came off of a massive home win and need to travel to Vandy. Vandy’s been banged up but that gym is so different. I still play 4-4 basketball vs other old men. Our gym has three courts and we typically play on an end court. When the end courts have issues or are occupied by Zumba classes we move to a middle court. The middle court takes my shooting from 28% to 7%. Perception and depth is completely off for at least a game. KENT starts less FR then a normal Calipari team but i still feel like the FR that do play will get off to a slow start in Vandys awkward gym.


Let’s cash it!


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Had I gone 3-0 I was gonna jump on Vandy as well. I really liked that play. Blown out from the start though.

28% to 7%. LMAO.

Hell yeah! Glad to see you around Darth. I've been trying to hold the fort down. Just about the time I figured I'd stop posting someone pops in and says hello and says they made a few bucks on the picks so I stick around. Now go cash a couple winners so I have some company here through March Madness. Then, Vic can take over for baseball.

Good to see you here my friend!