Can Am Spyder


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I am thinking of buying one of these for my 50 mile commute each way to work. I am spending over $500 a month on gas, just for work, so something needs to be done. What do you guys think of these? Are they douchey or do you like them? Just want some input if you have time.


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Can't you just get a bike? haha I always thought those were for the Old time bikers who's ears were shot so they couldn't balance anymore


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Blake58 said:
So 1 vote for douchey.

I am not getting a motorcycle. I already know of numerous people that are either dead, or almost died.
I'm in that group...should have died but got luck in 7 weeks of ICU (actually did die a couple times but they got me back. Was on life support but lived only problem paralyzed from chest down ( even consider that lucky as I fractured my c7 with no cord damage don't think I could handle being a quad)

good luck safe whatever you do.



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That's terrible Gary. I am really sorry that happened to you, but you seem to have a good attitude about it from what I have seen. I am sure that isn't easy to do. Much respect.