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I owe you guys an explanation of my disappearance from this site along time ago. Long story short, I had a tragedy in the family that ultimately caused me to pick up and move 1200 miles away to take care of family. I had to make some changes when this happened, and one of them was gambling. This site would tempt me to make wrong decisions if I were to come here, so I stayed away. The problem with that is I was running a daily POD contest, and would update it as often I could. I walked away from an obligation that also included me donating $100 to the contest. I am really sorry. If i owe someone from the 2014 contest, please let me know and I will make it right. I will be on here from now on if you will have me. If I pissed you off, It's all good, and I will stay away. Remember........playas fuck up!!

P.S. I also already brought someone to the Island earlier today. He wants to learn how to win, so I sent him to the best!!  :cheers:

Welcome back buddy :cheers: We are just in the process of trying to get things rolling again. Slowly but surely we are having people make their way back. Hopefully we will continue to get things moving every day. Nobody is pissed off @ you my man. Just happy that you are safe and all is well. I am sorry to hear that you went through a tough time but i am hopeful you are in a better place now.

Lets make some $$!!
Nice to see you back Blake.  :cheers:

Sorry to hear about the family problems.  Hopefully everything is a lot better now.

Good luck on your future plays. :dancing: