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All 1st 5 innings - Day time plays

Atl / Minn under 6 -105

Houston rl (-1/2) -220

NY Mets under 5 +105

Chicago White Sox ml -122
Didn’t know you were posting baseball Vic - I’m on board! Great job yesterday

Gurriel hit the HOU over on his own... Looking forward to what you have on taps for today.


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Thanks Darth. Gurriel had one hell of a monster day yesterday.

Probably not a lot of plays today with a small slate. Most likely will have an NFL game as well. Maybe a soccer game. Not sure on that one yet
Not liking a ton today either. I’m a huge Clevinger fan so would lean on him against Gibson but the Indians used 6 bullpen arms yesterday between their doubleheader and the Twins BP is deeper and better rested. Clevinger was pulled early his last start so may take put a small play on the Twins and hope Clevinger doesn’t go deeper than 6. Knowing Franconia it’s not out of the question for Clevinger to get up to 120 though...


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Good stuff Darth, thanks.

I pretty much only play 1st 5 innings as it pretty much removes one variable out of the equation (bullpen).

Of the 16 plays I have posted so far all have been 1st 5 innings plays with the exception of one