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  1. Mr. Gus

    Monday CFB Shenanigans

    Louisville was 1-11 against the spread last year... the worst ATS record team in NCAA. I believe with a new coach, and a unknown QB, they will have a tough time against ND who is coming off an 1 loss season. ND has many returning starters and I believe will catch Louisville off guard with a...
  2. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus's Saturday Night Football

    The best time of the year is here!! I couldn't be more pumped to get this season started and to make some money!! I would say that Miami could pull this out if they put in my boy Tate Martell, but that isn't going to be the case. Florida's defense is going to hold the Hurricanes to minimal...
  3. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus’s play of the YEAR

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. As I drink my beer and think of what I’m grateful for, I plan on putting all my life saving on Penn St. -12 Good luck to all!!!
  4. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus’s Saturday Picks

    Not liking a whole lot today, but I’m going to be riding Pitt -5.5 I don’t know anyone in the country that can stop Pitts running game right now (other than Alabama). Good Luck today!
  5. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus’s NFL picks

    Good day yesterday... I’m rolling with Lions +7 Good Luck to all!!
  6. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus’s Saturday Plays

    It’s been a rough season for Mr. Gus, and my only hope is I can finish the season strong and make some money back. Ohio st -4 Pitt -3.5 That’s all for now... more to come. GL everyone, I know I need it!!!
  7. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus’s Post Halloween Plays

    Sorry for the late post... I like a lot of games late, but the one early game I like is ECU +11 GL everyone!!
  8. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus’s Mini Thread

    I’m going to get this right!! I have two nooners and we will go from there... Army -7.5 Auburn -4 ... Gus has to win to keep his job. If they lose this game they may not win another game until Alabama... Good Luck everyone!!
  9. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus's Saturday Picks

    I've seen better days in the betting world, but it's only a matter of time before I turn it around... Vandy +9 South Carolina +2.5 Oregon +3.5 Good Luck to all!!
  10. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus’s Redemption Saturday

    Going in big today... Texas +7 Maryland +17.5 Good luck to all!
  11. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus's Saturday NCAA Football Picks

    I woke up early to catch the second round of the Ryder Cup, and it's tough to watch. I don't think US has a chance against these thick skinned Europeans. Onward to NCAAF!! There are so many awesome games today, so below are a few of the games I like today. I will be adding more as the day...
  12. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus's Saturday Picks 9/22/2018

    No early games for me, since I will probably be following some of you Islanders, but I do have some afternoon games I want to throw out there now.. 3:30 PM EST Texas AM +26 vs. Alabama -26 Listen, we all know Alabama is an absolute powerhouse, especially at Alabama. But Texas AM is going to...
  13. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus's Tour Championship 2018 Picks

    I hope to get this Golf Thread going!! I love play and watch golf, and I'm going to give it a shot to make some money. Unfortunately for me, this is the end of the golf season, with only the Tour Championship and the Ryder Cup still left to play. Fortunately for me, they are 2 of the best...
  14. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus’s Hangover Sunday

    I’m late to the island today. Last night was a rough night so I put myself in timeout this morning. Let’s go with the Lions +6.5!!
  15. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus's Satuday Chicken Dinners 9.15.18

    Next week is when the tides start to shift. As I mentioned in last weeks post, I am a heavy believer that favorites hit hard until week 4, so I am going to stick to that formula until next week. I felt like I wasn't going to have a good week, but I somehow stumbled across SuperMarket Sweep on...
  16. Mr. Gus

    Hurricane Florence

    Although you can’t handicap surfing, I love pay attention to it and love to see someone get pitted. I grew up vacationing in Wrightsville Beach, and I still try to go for a week every summer. I attended East Carolina and am a die hard Pirate fan. I wish everyone the best down there and...
  17. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus's Sunday Showdown

    I am beyond excited for NFL to be back!! I'll post some 1:00's, and see how I do to see how I pick my afternoon games. Lets win some money today!! Jags -3 vs. G Men +3 Although we all know that Jags defense is the real deal, they are going to have a hard time containing all of G Men's offense...
  18. Mr. Gus

    Mr. Gus's College Picks 9-8-18

    Today isn't the most exciting college day when you first look at the card, but after diving in, I find today extremely intriguing. You will notice that all my picks ae picking favorites. I am a big believer that the first 4 weeks are favorite heavy, then after week 4 is when the tides start to...
  19. Mr. Gus

    Me. Gus’s Wild Card Sunday Picks

    Went 1-1 yesterday. Bills vs Jags (-9) I feel the same way about this game as I did about the KC vs. Titans games. I would lean towards Jags Defense showing up and shutting Tyrod down. Although I was wrong yesterday for the early game, I need to follow my gut on this one and go with the Jags...
  20. Mr. Gus

    Cappers Island Consensus Pick - Titans vs. Chiefs

    The Island is 2-1-1. We have a winning record and I would love to keep it up. Please vote in the poll above!