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  1. Jawnny Cash

    Jawnny Cash 9/7

    Ok so here are my picks for today so far: *3 Pittsburgh -4 wanted to get that one in.. be back shortly with the full card
  2. Jawnny Cash

    Jawnny Cash Farewell

    Guys, I've given it some considerable thought and I am not sure how much ill be posting or visiting the site this year. I dont seem to have the same time that I used to even though I wish I did. I am going to attempt to post my picks on twitter when I can @Jawncash for anybody that uses it. I...
  3. Jawnny Cash

    Friday for fun

    As I fly to Boston to visit my in laws for the holiday weekend I feel inclined to wager on the Wisconsin/USF game to provide me some entertainment on the plane. I was thoroughly disappointed and surprised by the UCLA offense last night. I am going to take a leap of faith again to this evening...
  4. Jawnny Cash

    Jawnny Cash Thursday Night Lights

    Ok yall.. we get College Foots really rolling here this week..Lets get some good things going. *3 UCLA Bruins +2.5 Think the UCLA offense is really going to surprise a lot of people in this one .. especially the Bearcats. Cheers!
  5. Jawnny Cash

    Jawnny Cash College is Back!!

    Welcome to the 2019 college football season yall! I am so excited that college football is finally upon up. Time to make some money and have some fun. The beginning of the year is always a little dicey so proceed with caution. My bets are always smaller for the first few weeks than normal...
  6. Jawnny Cash

    Free Cappers Island Tank top!

    While supplies last - and we have a lot! Make 5 meaningful posts and we will send you a free Cappers Island Tank top. Ranger already got one locked up! :) Lets get the party started this year yall and make it a great season!!
  7. Jawnny Cash

    Football Season

    Hey guys! Football season is right around the corner. I am excited to announce so fun things that we are going to be doing this season in the near future. I look forward to making some $$ together this upcoming season Cheers!
  8. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash 12/27

    Sorry for the inconsistent posting.. just have had a hard time getting things going this year. Let’s start with one for today *4 Temple -3.5
  9. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash 12/9

    *3 Baltimore Ravens +6.5 *3 Carolina Panther -1 *3 Atlanta Falcons +4 Good Luck with the 1:00 games Islanders
  10. Jawnny Cash

    Jawnny Cash 12/1

    I’m laying on the beach in Punta Cana reflecting on what a poor season I’ve had and how I shouldn’t be taking this trip right now... in full on chase mode *5 Oklahoma Sooners -9.5
  11. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash 11/24

    Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving with their family and friends! We are are - hence the lance of posting come out of the Cash residence. However I did want to post because I have a game that I really like @ Noon and felt compelled to share with the island. *5 Boston College -6.5
  12. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash Monday Night Lights

    I’ve gotten burned on the Rams a few times in the past couple of weeks but I think they make up for it tonight and earn me my cash back .. hope to see you all at the $$ window with me *4 LA Rams -3
  13. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash Sunday Night Lights

    Took a little step back.. trying to regroup a bit here. Chicago Bears -2.5
  14. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash 11/17

    Still trying to make something out of this season.. *3 Notre Dame -10.5 *3 Michigan St pk Will likely be heavy on the Horns tonight if things work out early on for me. Good Luck today Islanders
  15. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash Monday Night Lights

    I love this game so that means it will probably lose based on my track record this year but guns blazing *5 San Francisco -3
  16. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash 11/11

    Crummy card today... Lets try *3 Indianapolis Colts -3
  17. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash 11/11

    Crummy card today... Lets try *3 Indianapolis Colts -3
  18. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash 11/10

    I feel this is going to be a good weekend for Vegas to win some $$ back after the books got slaughtered last week. Expect this to be a pretty sharp weekend.. Hopefully I am right, *3 Penn State -8 *5 Michigan St +3.5 I really like the afternoon card so hopefully we can get off to a good start...
  19. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash Thursday Night Lights

    Going with my Steelers tonight in a big way! *5 Pittsburgh Steelers -3
  20. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash 11/4

    Happy to hit the *5 with Bama last night at least. *3 Washington Redskins -1.5 *3 Detroit Lions +4.5 Will be back with the afternoon games. Lets try to make some $$ tonight!