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    2H play

    2H Magic -1.5
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    ML Parlay 12/24

    12/24/2016 1:00 PM NFL Football 108 New Orleans Saints* -160  vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12/24/2016 1:00 PM NFL Football 111 Minnesota Vikings* +245  vs Green Bay Packers 12/24/2016 1:00 PM NFL Football 116 Jacksonville Jaguars* +180  vs Tennessee Titans 12/24/2016 4:05 PM NFL Football 119...
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    Hoops 11/27

    76ers +11.5
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    2H play 11/10

    2H Nuggets -.5
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    Tax Foots 11/6

    Will be away for the weekend so will post it up today... Vikings -6 Colts +7.5 Good luck fellas and peace to all on the CI :thumbsup:
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    2H play 10/31

    2H Suns +3.5
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    2H 10/28

    2H Hornets -3.5
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    2H Celtics -2
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    2H Plays

    Will see if I get any and will post accordingly...peace fellas :thumbsup:
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    Tax 2H play

    2H Steelers +3
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    Tax Foots 10/23

    Just two for Sunday Colts +3 49ers PK Good luck fellas on the Island :luck:
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    Tax MLB 10/22

    Dodgers -130 Kershaw and the Dodgers force a game 7 with Hill facing his old team to decide the NL pennant!
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    Preseason 2H plays

    Will post any 2H plays from tonight's card that falls in my system play...hope all is well on the CI :cheers:
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    Tax Foots

    Been away in Jersey for a few weeks ...back at it! Dolphins +7 Bills -8 GB -4 Colts +3 Good luck today fellas :thumbsup:
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    Tax Sunday 9/25

    Colts -1
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    NBA 2H Plays

    Hey fellas I am a pure 2H player and wanted to know if you would like me to post my 2H plays during the regular season? CI is back :suit:
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    NFL 9/18 Tax Style

    Hey fellas so stoked that CI is back..sure missed the Island for sure. Will be out of town this weekend so posting my Sunday plays Chiefs +2 Bengals +3 Colts +6 Rams +7 Also throwing a 4 Team ML parlay on this one Chefs+Bungles+Horseshoes+Whammies for $10 bucks Peace fellas :luck:
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    NFL 2H Plays

    Skins -.5
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    Tax Foots 11/24

    Browns 1 -125 Let's get it fellas!!!!
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    Tax Foots 11/10

    GB-1...Overreaction to Philly big win and Wallace at QB. Wallace has had a whole week of preperation and Philly has one of the worst defenses in the league and will get a heavy dose of Lacy to set up play action for Wallace.GB still toting 5th best D vs the run and see GB a solid pick in a tough...