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    Rook 2/4

    Starting with two, may have a third pending Rangers thoughts on Iowa State. Louisville +5 (bought the hook) Penn state +3 GL All!
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    Rook 2/2 Early Games

    Alright boys, gonna dip my toe in the water and lend Ranger some support. Oklahoma -2.5 Seton Hall +5.5
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    NFL 11/8

    Early Games Green Bay -2 St Louis +1 New Orleans -6 (bought hook) :luck:
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    NCAAF 11/7

    Early Games Duke +8 (bought hook) Texas Tech +9 (bought hook) NC State -4 Good Luck All:luck:
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    NIU @ Toledo 11/3

    Alright boys, another degenerate play here, looking for some feedback. Still licking my wounds after that abortion of a 4th quarter last night in Carolina:mad: I can't figure out why I shouldn't be hammering the over as these 2 teams average nearly 74 points per game combined. Unlike last night...
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    Rook 10/29

    After last weeks beating, you all may want to consider this fade material, tread lightly my friends.... North Carolina -2 West Virginia vs TCU OVER 75 Leaning ASU -2.5 (keeping an eye on the line) :luck:
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    NFL 10/25

    Okay, am I the only one feeling like I'm being lead to the slaughter this weekend? Do the lines seem completely out of line? These and many other questions will be answered by days end, I can only hope I'm on the right side when the smoke clears. Detroit -1 (No Adrian Peterson) Atlanta -5 (No...
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    NCAAF 10/24

    Early Games KState +7 (bounce back) Miami +9 (bought hook, home dog) Baylor vs Iowa State OVER 74 Good Luck All:luck:
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    10/23 Friday Favs

    Call it what you want, seems square as hell to me too, but I can't see why the two favorites don't cover tonight. The only real concern is a Memphis letdown after their big win against Ole Miss last week. Memphis -10 Utah State -4 Good Luck:luck:
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    Tuesday Night Degenerate Play

    Small money on the total tonight. I just can't see how these two weak defenses stop each other from scoring the 30+ point each teams offense averages. ULL vs Arkansas State OVER 57 :luck:
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    NCAAF 10/17/15

    Early Games West Virginia vs Baylor OVER 75 Northwestern +1 Ole Miss -10 Leans Louisville +6.5 Georgia Tech -3 Good luck All:luck:
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    Dogs 10/15/15

    On both dogs tonight! Kentucky +1 UCLA +7 Good Luck All:luck:
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    Saturday 9/19

    Early Leans: Northwestern +3.5 Cincinnati -20 Notre Dame & G Tech OVER 55.5 Western Kentucky +2 Florida -3.5 USC -9.5 Thoughts??
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    Clemson @ Louisville 9/17

    Initial lean is Louisville +6, based on the Thursday night home dog really needing a win. Unfortunately it's difficult to determine this early in the season who the better team is. Clemson hasn't faced any real competition yet this year and some would argue neither has Louisville. Yes they faced...
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    Thursday Night 11/20

    Leaning: West Virginia +2.5 Duke -6 Any thoughts?
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    11/18 MACtion

    Alright fellas, I shit the bed last week with the MAC, looking to get back on track this week. Leaning: Umass +7 NIU -2.5 Thoughts? [hr] Any word on the Umass QB?
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    NCAAF 11/15/14

    Early games: Georgia Tech +2 (home Dog) Duke - 3 (bought the hook) Leaning Pitt +2 Good Luck! :luck:
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    ECU @ Cincinatti

    ECU -2 (bought the hook) Usually when I see a line like this I think, Vegas must know something that I don't and most of the time that's the case. However with an ECU team who's played a tougher schedule with mostly good results only giving 2.5 points to a Cinci team that's average at best, I...
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    Tuesday MACtion

    Northern Illinois -4 (in a word...Stingely)
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    Saturday 11/8/14

    Early Games: Georgia -10 Baylor/Oklahoma OVER 73 Duke -3 (bought the hook) Good Luck Boys!