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    Rook 2/4

    Adding Iowa State -3 West Virginia +12
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    Rook 2/4

    Starting with two, may have a third pending Rangers thoughts on Iowa State. Louisville +5 (bought the hook) Penn state +3 GL All!
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    Rook 2/2 Early Games

    Alright boys, gonna dip my toe in the water and lend Ranger some support. Oklahoma -2.5 Seton Hall +5.5
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    Ranger CBB 1/22

    Nicely done Ranger!!!!
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    Ranger CBB 1/22

    With you on Villanova Ranger! GL tonight!
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    Ranger CFB 1/7

    Yes Sir! See you there Ranger. GREAT season by the way!!
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    Ranger CFB 1/7

    With you on this one Ranger! GL!!
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    Ranger CFB 12/27

    With you on both of these Ranger, leaning over on Vandy and Baylor as well. Let's Go!!
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    Jawn Cash 12/27

    Damn it, a 4 unit play and I'm on the other side as well....Good luck JC!!
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    Ranger NFL 11/29

    Nice hit Ranger! Keep it rolling my friend!!
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    Ranger NFL 11/29

    Couldn’t pull the trigger on Big D tonight, will be playing the over. Good luck Ranger, in what I hope is a high scoring affair!
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    Ranger CBB 11/28

    Nice work Ranger!
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    Ranger CBB 11/28

    Running with Michigan tonight also...Good luck Ranger!
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    Ranger NFL 11/19

    Hoping Gurly doesn’t take another knee at the 4 yard line, I’m rolling with the Island on this one!
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    NCAA Cormish

    You mean Miami OH +7
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    Jawn Cash 10/27

    Line makes me a little nervous, but you’re on fire JC, so I’m tailing you on Texas. Let’s get it!!
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    Jawnny Cash 10/20

    Don't even go there JC, you've posted plenty of winners over the years and would expect that trend to continue! Oh by the way, with you on Michigan.
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    NFL 11/8

    Early Games Green Bay -2 St Louis +1 New Orleans -6 (bought hook) :luck:
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    NCAAF 11/7

    Early Games Duke +8 (bought hook) Texas Tech +9 (bought hook) NC State -4 Good Luck All:luck:
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    NIU @ Toledo 11/3

    Alright boys, another degenerate play here, looking for some feedback. Still licking my wounds after that abortion of a 4th quarter last night in Carolina:mad: I can't figure out why I shouldn't be hammering the over as these 2 teams average nearly 74 points per game combined. Unlike last night...