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    All Underdogs and Overs

    Bears +3 Browns +1.5 Redskins +3 Tampa bay +3.5 Saints +3 Skins/boys over 52.5 Bears/Philly over 56
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    HO HO HO: Week 15 OVER/UNDER Gifts

    NE/Miami OVER 46 Miami pk First quarter Pitt/cinn UNDER 43 Bears/browns Over 44 New Orleans/St. Louis OVER 24 first half Tampa/49ers UNDER 41.5 $300 each
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    In love with 4 plays WEEK 14

    Texans -3 Arizona -6 Titans +12 New Orleans -3 $500 each Titans ml +500 $100
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    Josh Knows The NFC SOUTH

    Sunday Morning/afternoon: Atlanta +5 ..Over Seattle San Fran -6.5 ..Over Carolina Sunday Night: New Orleans -6.5 ..Over Dallas Monday Night: Tampa Bay +3 ..Over Miami
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    Not only do they go over 48.5, they go Over 60

    Wash/minn over 48.5 Wash/minn over 55.5 (+210)
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    Chicago +10

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    Long day for glennon on his back..Carolina gets the easy road win Carolina -6.5 (-110)
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    Oklahoma -11.5 Ucla -25
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    JoshKnows nfl week 6

    Denver -26.5 HUGE New Orleans +120 ml Large Cleveland +3 Large Cleveland ml +130 Washington +5 Large Washington ml +190 Pitt +1 medium Texans -9 medium
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    My 4 strongest plays for Sunday

    Arizona +1.5 over panthers San Diego -4 over raiders New Orleans pk over bears St. Louis -10.5 over jags
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    I must confess that I feel like a monster!!....letting my inner beast out his cage Sunday to play a while, extremely confident in my top 6 selections, if you want your want your bookie/books to feel like you a monster, hope on my back, lets Eat. By Sunday night, we gon be full...
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    Saturday night lights

    Ohio St. -6.5/-7 Large Alabama -14 Small
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    Not as strong, but Utah -4.5 2nd half still money

    moderate play...Too much spend on defense for utah, can't gameplan around that. and San Jose can't get any pressure on Utah st. One Td for utah wins this. [hr] San Jose won't see the endzone
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    Large play Friday

    Utah St. -10
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    St. Louis +3

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    Josh knows Thursday fb

    Iowa st. +3 moderate VT +7 HUGE [hr] Ignore this shit. My bad, sorry for the late post. didnt realize games started.
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    Big Ben sucks nuts. Oakland +16 and under 49.5

    Oakland got a defense. :thumbsup:
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    Pitt and over...straight, parlay and teaser

    40.5 and +1.5... Bet them both straight and in a parlay and teaser.
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    Night action

    Lsu under 54 Texas -6 Hawaii +6.5 Michigan -18