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    Domainx CFB 10/12

    Winner...lets go!!!
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    Domainx CFB 10/12

    Adding - Wyoming +3.5 Iowa +3.5 LSU -13 ND -10.5
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    Domainx CFB 10/12

    – 1 unit on Georgia St +4 over Coastal Carolina
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    College Football 10/10 Thursday Night

    NC State -4 - Really think NC State can make Syracuse one dimensional. Ill swallow the points.
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    NFL 10/10 Thursday Night

    Taking the Patriots -17 against the Giants. Do I believe that the Patriots are two touchdowns better than a Giants team with no Barkley, No Engram, a third string running back and a defense with no identity? Absolutely, and to top that NE can defend. Ill swallow the 17 points. Also like the...
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    DomainX CFB 9/27

    Penn State - 6.5 Ari St/Cali Under 42.5
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    Thursday 9/26

    Ah! GL!!!
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    Ranger NFL 9/22

    Looks like u did ok yesterday. I won my first parlay ever in NFL.
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    DomainX CFB 9/21

    Mizz -9 Mizz/S.Car over 61
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    Bobboury CFB Sep 21

    im on it as well!
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    Domainx CFB 9/14

    Frustrated with the Virginia game. So sloppy. Almost went 3-0.
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    Domainx CFB 9/14

    Adding UCF -10
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    Domainx CFB 9/14

    Virginia -7.5 - Fla States secondary is a real issue. Also wasnt impressed that Fla State did not improve from week 1 to week 2. Arizona State - 16 - Herm rarely gets blown out. I think Arizona St. can keep this within two touchdowns.
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    DomainX CFB Week2

    NEB and Colorado Over 64
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    Ranger CFB 9/7

    like the UCLA pick
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    DomainX CFB Week2

    Clemson -16 - I dont trust A&M's QB Mond. He will make a mistake and Clemson will score on D. 16 points is a good spot given its been 17.5 all week.