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    Sunfun pucks 10/20/17

    Florida Panthers +110 2 units Florida-Pens over 6 1 unit (Pens over is 5-2 ytd) Any puck players still out there? Sunfun
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    Sunfun NHL 2017

    Have been doing well this NHL season, and will post plays here if anyone out there is interested, please let me know. For today (1/15), one play: Blackhawks -120 Thx, sunfun
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    Sunfun Thurs night NFL

    Squares all on the over tonight, line moving down suggests otherwise: Falcons - Bucs UNDER 51 sun :dancing:
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    Sunfun 10/29

    Not much action on the puck boards here, tho Vic & I are both having solid starts. Habs-Leafs UNDER 5.5 today, -125 P.S. Vic, w/ Carolina's win yesterday teams playing home openers went 25-5 this season!
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    Sunfun 10/26 NHL

    Rangers-B's UNDER 5.5 (-115) Salami OVER 21.5 Seemingly contradictory plays, but as long as they keep winning, who cares! :dancing:
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    Sunfun 10/25 NHL

    Same trend hit last night in Chicago, so will ride it: Flames-Blues UNDER 5.5 (-120)
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    Sunfun NHL 10/22

    Have not been able to log-in for several days, but have been doing well early in the NH season riding trends & long-terms angles. Two plays tonight: Jackets-Stars UNDER 6 (full unit) Salami over 66.5 (Salami over is 9-1 YTD, 'nuff said) sun
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    NHL overs hitting at 77% thru 3 nights!

    Just posted this question on Vic's thread, and will also do so here. The OVER is now 10-3 after 3 days this year (w/ a few pushes), after starting 5-8 last year! Do you think  the smaller goalie pads have something to do with this? Feedback welcomed. Thx, Sun
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    Sunfun NHL pick for 10/13

    Washington Capitals, -120 This angle is not the best I've got (3-3 last 6 years, though has won the last two). That said, I like the setup here, and not because Crosby is out for the Pens. The Caps got knocked out of the Eastern finals last year by Pitt, and now will have to listen to the...
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    Sunfun MLB late-season angles

    1 game today, played 3 ways: Brewers +200 Cubs TT under 5 -130 Brewers to score first (no line, yet). GL, sun
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    NFL week two angle

    A few of you might remember this angle, it was doing really well up until 2014, and has been flat since. That said, it could turn around this year, so will post for tracking. The angle is to play any team that lost game one on the road, and is coming home for game two. This weeks plays are shown...
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    Sunfun 2016 NFL

    Patriots +10 (-120, buying hook) Vegas wasn't built because it was this easy.
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    Heads up- good angle arriving shortly

    Fade the team after they clinch the division, also works for wild card clinchers. Makes sense, these guys go out and party, and generally don't give a shit 'bout the next game. Cubs should clinch this week, guys. [hr]
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    NHL right around the corner

    Everyone ready for some hot angles? :cheers1:
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    Sunfun NHL 11/19

    Kings-bolts under 5 +105 NHL YTD 0-0
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    Sunfun new NFL angle

    Noticed that "reversing the total" is 3-0 in divisional games YTD, so will give these a stab today, and hope the trend continues. "Reversing the total" means that if the first game between teams went OVER by at least 3, play the next game UNDER, and vice versa. Eagles-Skins under 54.5...
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    Sunfun 11/5 NBA

    Finally gonna get my feet wet here. Nuggets are still adjusting to the new "half court" offense designed by new coach Brian Shaw, and I just don't feel that they are competitive with a team like the Spurs right now. This is not an angle play, but will take a stab on a Spurs team that has...
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    Sunfun NFL 11/3

    Got some "ugly" plays here, but those are the ones that often cash: Steelers +7 Falcons +7.5 Ravens -2 Bears +11 Good luck, sun
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    New Mexico State +43 at UCLA

    Yes, this probably looks like the worst call on the board, maybe all year! But the Bruins are coming off an emotionally intense win at Nebraska, having dedicated the game to receiver Rick Pasquale, who unfortunately lost his life on Sept 8, struck by a vehicle in San Clemente. Tragic, but life...
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    Sunfun hot NFL week 2 angle

    A few of the "vets" on the board might remember this one from last year, as this angle went 8-1 (7-2 in 2011), and got some attention. No guarantees this year, but am posting[/i] in case this angle continues to perform, which I believe it will. Will also post these in my NFL thread, & here we...