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    Return of The King

    Well hello, you silly bastards. Sorry that I have been gone, but I had things to do. Amongst these things were impregnating my wife and having a beautiful baby girl. Now, I am back. Shall we begin? Los Angeles Lakers O220 :popcorn:
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    6-2 (+3.95) Arizona Diamondbacks +100 :cheers1:
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    5-2 (+2.9) San Francisco Giants +105 :cheers:
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    Baltimore Orioles +160 GM2 New York Mets & Colorado Rockies O7 (-115) Milwaukee Brewers -110 3-1 YTD (+1.90) :cheers1:
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    Chicago Cubs -115 St. Louis Cardinals & Arizona Diamondbacks U10 (-110) Seattle Mariners & Toronto Blue Jays O7 (-110) Best of luck to everyone today. :cheers1:
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    Well hello, hello, hello. I hope all has been well with you fellas during my brief hiatus, but life was coming a fast and furious there for a bit. Found a wife, lost a tumor, and still think college basketball is the most pathetic sport in the entire world. NBA basketball has turned into a...
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    I feel like gambling today. Lets get it on. 1* San Antonio Spurs -11 1* Philadelphia 76ers -1 1* Toronto Raptors PK 1* Dallas Mavericks -4.5 1* Boston Celtics O192 Best of luck gentlemen, get that money. :bite:
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    Deron Williams - OUT I havent seen this on the injury reports that I look at , so I wanted to share with you guys.
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    1* Phoenix Suns & Houston Rockets Under 218.5 :thanks: for coming by and best of luck to everyone! Nash is gimpy, and it has slowed him down. With Frye out, the Suns will not be able to space the court like they like to. Adding Warrick to the starting line-up will make them less efficient...
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    Swings. The fucking swings. They are sooooo annoying. 1* Dallas Mavericks & Minnesota Timberwolves O209 :luck::luck::luck:
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    1* moneyline parlay Miami Heat & Oklahoma City Thunder (+106) Have a nice Sunday! :popcorn:
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    Ponce +110
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    1* Charlotte Bobcats & Portland Trailblazers O184 :thanks:
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    Nelson got it done last night, that was nice to see. LOVE this card tonight. Dont know what that means, but we will see how it pans out. Best of luck to everyone, have a wonderful start to your weekend. 1* Phoenix Suns -3 1* Boston Celtics & Golden State Warriors O204 1* Miami Heat +2.5...
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    Lean today on both the Heat and the Jazz. Not going to play either of them, but I do have a prop that I really like tonight. ***THIS WILL NOT BE COUNTED TOWARDS A RECORD BECAUSE IT IS A PROP PLAY AND THEY ARE SCHWAGGY*** Jameer Nelson O20.5 Points + Assists (-115) :thanks: and good luck...