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    Ranger NFL 9/22

    Fade away. NFL hasn't been good to me. If I can't get NFL going in right direction I'll take a break from posting NFL until I do. Atlanta +1.5 Buffalo -5.5 New York Giants +5.5 Good luck! NFL YTD: 1-7
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    Ranger CFB 9/21

    3-2. NCAAF YTD: 9-9
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    Ranger CFB 9/21

    Oklahoma State +7.5 Good luck!
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    DomainX CFB 9/21

    Giddy up!!!!
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    Ranger CFB 9/21

    Central Florida -10 West Virginia vs Kansas O 49.5 SMU +8 Good luck!
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    Ranger CFB 9/21

    Mississippi -2.5 Good luck! NCAAF YTD: 6-7
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    Ranger NFL 9/15

    Dreadful start to NFL season. Pittsburgh -3.5 NY GIants +2 NFL YTD: 1-5
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    Domainx CFB 9/14

    Good luck D! Really like that UVA pick. Will likely be on them as well.
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    Ranger CFB 9/14

    BYU +5 Iowa -1.5 Colorado State +10 Good luck!
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    Ranger CFB 9/14

    Let's see if I can make some money today so I can give it back in NFL tomorrow. On early one. NC State -6.5 NCAAF YTD: 5-4-1
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    Ranger NFL 9/9

    New Orleans -6.5 Denver -2.5 Good luck!
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    so wee know the steelers suck save your money and move on

    Didn't play it as I got my ass kicked by a couple fourth quarter meltdowns and decided to call it a day. But I sure didn't see that coming. Good luck tonight Chop!
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    Ranger NFL 9/8

    Detroit -2.5 Good luck!
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    Ranger NFL 9/8

    Baltimore -7 New York Jets -2.5 Atlanta +3.5 San Francisco vs Tampa Bay O 51 Kansas City vs Jacksonville U 49 Good luck!
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    Ranger CFB 9/7

    3-3-1 yesterday.