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    Monday CFB Shenanigans

    Thanks Jawnny... good luck to you as well my friend.
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    Monday CFB Shenanigans

    Louisville was 1-11 against the spread last year... the worst ATS record team in NCAA. I believe with a new coach, and a unknown QB, they will have a tough time against ND who is coming off an 1 loss season. ND has many returning starters and I believe will catch Louisville off guard with a...
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    Ranger CFB 8/29

    I like BYU and hope that Zach Wilson shows up!
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    Jawnny Cash Thursday Night Lights

    Don't blame me for bringing good luck to the blackjack table!!
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    Darth Fader - Week 1 College Kickoff Thread

    I'm late to the party, but good luck Darth!
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    Ranger CFB 8/24

    Best pick of the year right here!
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    Mr. Gus's Saturday Night Football

    The best time of the year is here!! I couldn't be more pumped to get this season started and to make some money!! I would say that Miami could pull this out if they put in my boy Tate Martell, but that isn't going to be the case. Florida's defense is going to hold the Hurricanes to minimal...
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    Mr. Gus’s play of the YEAR

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. As I drink my beer and think of what I’m grateful for, I plan on putting all my life saving on Penn St. -12 Good luck to all!!!
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    Jawn Cash 11/24

    Good luck my friend !!
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    Darth Fader - Week 11 Brunch

    I also love this play... You know what that means...
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    big day

    Good Luck Chop!
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    Mr. Gus’s Saturday Picks

    Not liking a whole lot today, but I’m going to be riding Pitt -5.5 I don’t know anyone in the country that can stop Pitts running game right now (other than Alabama). Good Luck today!
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    Darth Fader - November 11th - Win Enough Cash for New Leaf Blower Edition

    I like that pats pick!! Good luck Darth!!
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    Jawn Cash 11/11

    Good luck Cash!