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    Ranger NFL 9/9

    hang in there.. beginning of the season is always tough!
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    so wee know the steelers suck save your money and move on

    Least we cashed the raiders.... Saints game was fun to watch but lost $$ :( Raiders were easy $$
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    last pick

    Ok big chop!! I’m with you!!
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    Jawnny Cash 9/7

    adding: *5 Cuse pk
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    Jawnny Cash 9/7

    Ok so here are my picks for today so far: *3 Pittsburgh -4 wanted to get that one in.. be back shortly with the full card
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    Jawnny Cash Farewell

    Guys, I've given it some considerable thought and I am not sure how much ill be posting or visiting the site this year. I dont seem to have the same time that I used to even though I wish I did. I am going to attempt to post my picks on twitter when I can @Jawncash for anybody that uses it. I...
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    Monday CFB Shenanigans

    Almost looks too good to be true. Good Luck Mr Gus!
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    Friday for fun

    I’m really nailing it this year
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    Friday for fun

    As I fly to Boston to visit my in laws for the holiday weekend I feel inclined to wager on the Wisconsin/USF game to provide me some entertainment on the plane. I was thoroughly disappointed and surprised by the UCLA offense last night. I am going to take a leap of faith again to this evening...
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    Jawnny Cash Thursday Night Lights

    One of the worst gambling experiences of my life
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    Darth Fader - Week 1 College Kickoff Thread

    What a terrible penalty by UCLA before the half after that incredible play.... momentum killer. Let’s hope the second half brings more luck!
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    Ranger CFB 8/29

    Best of luck ranger!! Looking hard at the BYU game!
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    Jawnny Cash Thursday Night Lights

    Ok yall.. we get College Foots really rolling here this week..Lets get some good things going. *3 UCLA Bruins +2.5 Think the UCLA offense is really going to surprise a lot of people in this one .. especially the Bearcats. Cheers!
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    Jawnny Cash College is Back!!

    Thanks brothas.. I shouldn’t have taken Zona. It was purely an action play and I was so excited for football to be back. I didn’t really spend any time capping the game and for that I apologize. I’m only going to be posting games this year that I actually dedicate adequate time too and not the...