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12/3 NFL afternoon play - gopackers - 12-03-2017

Had a good run with the morning games, especially because the Vikes showed up as Dogs. 

I've looked at the Rams and Cardinals game over and over, and can't understand for the life of me why Rams are only giving up -7....Arizona's win last wkd was commendable, but it's a crew of rookies and oddballs, having battled injuries all season and inserting bodies where needed. Whether or not AP plays isn't much of a factor. Plus, they're playing the Rams, who move the ball quickly even when they have a 20 point lead. I would think the line would be closer to -9 or even -10. Will take Rams here with confidence.

5* Rams -7

RE: 12/3 NFL afternoon play - Jawnny Cash - 12-05-2017

You are having one heck of a season my man. Keep up the great work cheers