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Draft Kings! - M Eazzy - 09-16-2016

If you are on draftings, post your username here! We can start a small weekly game for Island members! We can also post thoughts around over and under valued players!

my username : bcmoney4life

RE: Draft Kings! - cenger66 - 09-16-2016


RE: Draft Kings! - M Eazzy - 09-16-2016

Cenger! My boy!!! Start posting! hammer:

RE: Draft Kings! - Darth Fader - 09-17-2016

did you guys start one??


Putting together some cash lineups now.

RE: Draft Kings! - Steeler4life - 09-23-2016

I play a lot of DFS does someone want me to start a league?

RE: Draft Kings! - Darth Fader - 10-18-2016

Hey Guys,

I'm going to start a league for this week. If we get 10 that will agree we'll do $10, payouts for top 2. Anymore and we can do payouts for the Top 3. Just post your username if interested and i'll send invitations on Friday. FYI, i typically won't send to include Thurs games since its tough to get a good turnout in time so we'll stick to just SUN/MON and if we get enough action will shoot for an earlier contest next week.

Warning: I placed 12th in a 50 person 50/50 winning $2 last week so i'm pretty hot!

RE: Draft Kings! - OrangeCrush - 10-19-2016

I was considering joining draftkings to do the weekly contest. Until I read your I may have to wait a week.

RE: Draft Kings! - Jawnny Cash - 10-19-2016

I am not signed up but if we get some people to do it from the Island I will. What do you think OC? Don't let Darths scar tactics intimidate you rofl

RE: Draft Kings! - Darth Fader - 10-20-2016

get on guys. I promise to not use my secret weapon, Jack Doyle

RE: Draft Kings! - OrangeCrush - 10-20-2016

I think I'm going to try and signup tomorrow and see how it goes. 

Not sure if it's good or bad that I have to start Jack Doyle at TE in one of my leagues now.

Also not sure if this was an omen or something....but yesterday as I was driving home from work I was following and Odyssey and Caravan that kept passing each other just to cut the other one off.  In the end Odyssey cut off the Caravan last before a slight stare down at a light before they each turned their separate ways.  crazy

RE: Draft Kings! - Darth Fader - 10-21-2016

Haha. I swear it wasn't me, mine is in the shop!

At the least we have you, me, Meazzy, Gus to play this weekend. We can also use the forum to post thoughts on tourney plays

I'll have to invest in daily fantasy heavy this week after Jordy Nelson and Cam Meredith shot any chance at winning in my regular leagues

RE: Draft Kings! - OrangeCrush - 10-21-2016

I pulled the trigger and signed up today. If we get enough for the league I'll be there.

I'm also off to a bad start because of Meredith.