Darth Fader - November 11th - Win Enough Cash for New Leaf Blower Edition

Not crazy about todays card. Not a ton of compelling games or lines that i love. Last week was a true, Spread is Dead weekend for the NFL. Not a single spread mattered for the first time in as long as I can remember. My yard is inundated with leaves and I need a new leaf blower. The weak electric one that I purchased barely makes grass blades bend. My plan is to cash the two below games and head off to Home Depot for the leaf blower, take care of the leaves and catch second half 4pm action. If both don’t cash then it’s back to the analog rake which is causing serious back issues due to my old age.

Todays Winners:
Pats -6.5
The city of Boston owes me after BC’s lackluster performance.

Bengals +5.5
This Saints team is great and probably headed to the SB but at the Red Rockets home sandwiched between the Rams and Eagles seems like a tough one to get up for.

Good Luck!!