Darth Fader - 9.16 - Sunday Brunch

I’m on coffee number three and feel like the Ultimate Warrior pacing my living room right now. It’s going to be a good day. Earlier this week Cenger and Vic posted former and hopefully soon to be returnee Sunfuns system from a few years back. Take a team who lost week 1 on the road who is home for week 2. I was too lazy to look back at last years result but the formula fit some of my early week leans so I’m riding it.

Falcons -6
I love this play... SO much so that I just called the Wife who is in Wegmans as we speak and instructed her to return the frozen tilapia sticks back to the freezer aisle and proudly march on over to the lobster tank and pick out the three best looking medium size lobsters. Just make sure to keep it less than 1 1/2 lbs since Devonta Freeman is out... Heat the butter, Falcons roll this afternoon.

Bill +7.5
Sticking with SunFuns system, I absolutely hate this disgusting play but man did the Chargers secondary look bad last week and Buffalo is a long trip from LA in a QB RV.

Steelers -4
I feel the need to disclose that I am a Steeler fan before I pick them and did call for they to beat the Browns in a blowie last week but a few things; Ben is a different QB at home, KC’s secondary looked bad last week and Chargers dropped a ton of passes. JuJu and Brown wont do the same.

Good luck island!


Good luck today Fader! You are going to be dining in style tonight my friend. I’ll be riding the Steelers today as well. As always - love the write ups! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
They are truly terrible and I will stop playing them from here on out.

I’m back and forth on tonight so will be going the prop route:
Jordan Howard over 73 rushing yards.