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  1. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash 12/27

    Sorry for the inconsistent posting.. just have had a hard time getting things going this year. Let’s start with one for today *4 Temple -3.5
  2. Jawnny Cash

    Darth Fader - Official Bowl Thread

    Riding BC as well. Little worried I got it @ +1 but scared money don’t make money. Let’s cash it!
  3. Jawnny Cash

    Ranger CFB 12/26

    Love BC today. Makes me a bit nervous because everybody I’m talking to likes them as well but let’s cash!
  4. Jawnny Cash

    big chop

    Good luck today big Chop! Nice to see ya around!
  5. Jawnny Cash

    06/02 Solid pitcher today, flying under the radar.

    Welcome to the island :cheers:
  6. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash 12/9

    *3 Baltimore Ravens +6.5 *3 Carolina Panther -1 *3 Atlanta Falcons +4 Good Luck with the 1:00 games Islanders
  7. Jawnny Cash

    Ranger CFB 12/1

    Good luck today brother!! And yes Bowl season has traditionally been good to us and hopefully the same will hold true for this year! For whatever reason I just haven’t been able to get in to a good rhythm this year. You’ve been doing great though!
  8. Jawnny Cash

    Jawnny Cash 12/1

    I’m laying on the beach in Punta Cana reflecting on what a poor season I’ve had and how I shouldn’t be taking this trip right now... in full on chase mode *5 Oklahoma Sooners -9.5
  9. Jawnny Cash

    “Championship” Saturday - Darths Picks

    Good luck today darth. Hate to fade you but I think the Sooners make a statement today. Anyhow .. good luck with the rest of your picks!
  10. Jawnny Cash

    NFL 11.25.18

    Thanks for posting man... I’m having a rough nfl season :(
  11. Jawnny Cash

    Mr. Gus’s play of the YEAR

    fantastic job! glad i tailed.... boston college crushed my bank account.
  12. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash 11/24

    Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving with their family and friends! We are are - hence the lance of posting come out of the Cash residence. However I did want to post because I have a game that I really like @ Noon and felt compelled to share with the island. *5 Boston College -6.5
  13. Jawnny Cash

    Darth Fader - 11/22 - NFL Winners

    Going to ride with you on the redskins! Happy Thanksgiving Islanders! Appreciate the thanksgiving post!
  14. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash Monday Night Lights

    Disappointing on so many levels .. these guys just don’t ever cover the spread... with how much $ they are spending on defense they are Terrible. What a let down of a game
  15. Jawnny Cash

    Jawn Cash Monday Night Lights

    I’ve gotten burned on the Rams a few times in the past couple of weeks but I think they make up for it tonight and earn me my cash back .. hope to see you all at the $$ window with me *4 LA Rams -3
  16. Jawnny Cash

    NFL Cormish

    Let’s cash this ticket! -5 though ... whoa you are getting robbed
  17. Jawnny Cash

    Ranger NFL 11/19

    I’m on the Rams as well... even though they’ve been absolutely horrendous against the spread ... tonight I think they get the job done!!