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    Ranger CFB 12/31

    GL! Thanks Ranger.
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    DomainX 12.29.18

    ND +10.5 - I really think ND defense is underrated. If they can somewhat contain the running attack of Clemson, then this game will be well within 10 points.
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    Ranger NFL 12/23

    lets go!!!!
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    Ranger NFL 12/10

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    Ranger NFL 11/29

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    Darth Fader - 11/22 - NFL Winners

    Thanks so much! Happy T-Day
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    DomainXP 11/18

    DAL +3.5 - after losing to the Browns, ATL had their moral crushed. Look to another frustrating day against a team in Dallas that could go on alittle run.
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    Ranger CFB 11/14

    IM on it! Thanks Ranger!
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    Jawn Cash Monday Night Lights

    Im running away from this game.
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    DomainXP 11/10 NCAAF

    BC +17.5 UNLV +24
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    Jawn Cash Thursday Night Lights

    On it as well!
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    Ranger CFB 11/7

    Yep, what a rush! lol
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    Ranger CFB 11/7

    Holy shit Ranger!!!
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    Ranger CFB 11/6

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    NHL running Thread

    Trying to get back on track here: Minn +110 TB -1.5 VAN +105